Production using all common SAW or semiconductor substrates (Quartz, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, Langasite, Silicon) and wafer formats 3", 4" or 6"

Structure size down to 0.3µm, processing with high precision and high yield

Functional layers reaching +/-10nm precision, thickness from 50nm to 1500nm.using.all standard electrode materials (Al, Cu, Au, Ni, Pt, Ir, Zr, Pd, Ti, Cr) or their combinations

Use of different technologies:

  • Lift-Off, WetEtch or Dry-Etch processes
  • I-Line-Stepper, G-Line-Stepper
  • Single layer or multilayer processes

Special Layers for:

  • high temperature applications
  • high power resistance

Digital processing of your mask data from gds-, cif-, dwg-, dxf-files and providing photomasks

All critical process parameters are controlled by extensive measures: measures

  • X-ray fluorescence measuring device for layer thickness control
  • Surface profiler for layer thickness measurement on structured wafers
  • AFM for evaluation of surface and edges
  • Optical linewidth measurement (i-line) down to 0.3µm
  • Automatic waferprober completed with NWA and HF-Probes
  • Resistance measuring
  • Ellipsometer for evaluation of semi-transparent layers

Electrical wafer test according agreed tolerances and minimum yield (on a random basis or 100%)

  • HF probing
  • s-Parameter measurement

Production capacity up to 20.000 wafers per month dependent on technology and complexity of the products

Short delivery times for standard technologies