Development of special assembly procedures

Sawing of wafers, photolithographic masks and special materials

  • Materials: Silicon, Glass, Quartz, Lithiumtantalate, Lithiumniobate etc.
  • Dimensions up to 6“

Surface cleaning and activation by plasma treatment

  • Process gas: O2, N2, Ar, He, also mixtures possible
  • 40kHz plasma generator

Placement onto packages and other base materials

  • Operating range 400x200mm²
  • Feeding of SMD
  • Feeding of dies from up to 8" wafers
  • Dispensing
  • Taping after processing possible

Seam welding

  • Welding of parts with edge length from 2mm to 50mm
  • Leakage down to 10-9 mbar*l/s
  • Sealing under protective gas atmosphere (N2/He mixture)

Projection welding

  • Welding of parts by projection welding process
  • Sealing with leak rate down to 10-9 mbar*l/s
  • Parts with edge length up to 36mm (perimeter up to 144mm), also round parts (perimeter up to 144mm)
  • Sealing under protective gas atmosphere, mixtures of 3 different gases possible
  • Dehydrogenation prior to welding

Fine leak test

  • Testing your devices with helium test equipment by Bombing Process

Laser processing

  • For parts of approximately 300mmx300mmx200mm
  • 20W fiber laser
  • Positioning and laser accuracy down to 25µm
  • All kinds of marking
  • Cutting of parts up to 500µm thickness