SAW TEMP provides you full control over your temperature processes - at any time and under any conditions!

Advantages of SAW TEMP

  • wireless measurement
  • extreme temperature range from -180°C up to 350°C
  • high read range up 10 meters
  • full passive - no batteries
  • identification of all sensors
  • robust against ionizing radiation and electromagnetic fields


  • Process Monitoring
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Process Chambers
  • Vacuum Chambers / Autoclaves
  • Pressure Containers
  • rotating and moving tools

    Products and Services

    We provide full service around:

    • SAW Sensors
    • Antennas
    • Reader
    • Software
    • System Integration

    Please find our SAW TEMP products in our catalogue!

    Do you search for a solution for your special application? Please contact us! Together with you we compose a SAW TEMP system right for your needs!