RFID with SAW IDENT enables the use of wireless identification in applications and environments where this was so far impossible. SAW IDENT is robust agianst harsh environments and offers furthermore high reading ranges, high reading rates and highest reliability.

Advantages of SAW IDENT

  • passive - no batteries needed
  • robust againt environmental influences
  • useable in surrounding temperatures from -180°C up to +350°C
  • on surfaces up to 700°C hot
  • in strong electromagnetic fields and ionizing radation
  • reading range up to 15 meters
  • reliable detection at speeds up to 160km/h
  • international use due to 2.4GHz technology


  • ladle tracking and material identification in steel industry
  • animal identification in agriculture
  • material tracking in logistics
  • fraud prevention for medical products
  • sensor identification in engine developement

Products and Services

We provide full service around:

  • Reader
  • Transponder
  • Antennas
  • Software
  • System Integration

For further informations regarding our SAW IDENT products, please check our catalogue!

You are looking for a customized solution for your application? Please contact us! We provide a customized SAW IDENT system perfectly matching you application needs.