• wireless temperature measurement
  • from -180°C to +350°C
  • passive and batteryless

Advantages of SAW Sensors

SAW sensors are suitable on all the places where normal sensor systems fail - either because of high temperatures, fast movements or high reading ranges. Also strong electromagnetic fields or ionizing radiation don't bring a SAW sensor in trouble. SAW sensor systems are characterized by their tough sensors which deliver highest precision even in the harshest environments and are wireless readable safely also on fast moving objects.

Further Sensors

Next to the SAW sensor systems mentioned above we also produce SAW devices for:

  • Gas sensors
  • Liquid sensors
  • Bio sensors
  • Shiftable Condition Monitoring
  • Viscosity sensors


  • production control by batteryless identification / RFID
  • reading range up to 15 meters
  • temperatures up to 350°C

SAW Catalogue

All sensor products please find in the catalogue: