SAW COMPONENTS offers delay lines with the following specifications:

  • Delay Lines up to 3GHz
  • Dispersive and non-dispersive Delay Lines
  • Coded signal processing
  • Mainly customer specific development
  • Close collaboration with customers during concept development and optimizing the parameters
  • Application Modules including SAW Delay Lines and adapted to existing electronics plus housings

For customer specific delay lines: Please contact us!

SAW Verzögerungsleitungen (copy 1)

Type Centre Frequency Delay Insertion Loss Package Size
SAW Delay Line SDL74A 74 MHz 1.6 µs 21.5 dB 22.2x12.8 mm²
SAW Delay Line SDL868A 867.5 MHz 1 µs 7.8 dB 13x6.5 mm²